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Butterfly Bags

Butterfly Bags and Comfort Cushions are available from clinics in hospitals in various locations. 


Butterfly Bags provide essential items to support during a hospital stay, and to help bring a little brightness.
If they are not available from your clinic, please tell your clinical team about Flutter, so they can get in touch. This way we can support you and many other patients.

All products have been purchased by supporters of the project, or donated by suppliers .Use of any products and items is solely at the risk of the user. Please ensure that all labels are checked for allergens prior to use, and/or consumption. Alternatively, consult with your health care professional , and/or the product manufacturer.

Comfort Cushions

Comfort Cushions are sewn by volunteers to provide comfort and support for kidney cancer patients following nephrectomy surgery and during treatment. They are made in a variety of colourful, patterned washable fabric, for all patients.

They are practical, useful and supportive, both at home and whilst receiving treatment. Ideal for use as a ‘cough cushion’ in the early days following surgery, and also during ongoing treatment.

Cushions 1.png
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